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Computer vision for the blind

Supersense is a market leader mobile scanner application for blind and visually impaired users; equipped with novel computer vision and machine learning models.

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Supersense is supported by leading organizations

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How does Supersense help?

1. Radically simplified for blind users.

You don't need to be tech-savvy to use Supersense. The screens are very simple and and you can even use the app without tapping any buttons.

2. Guides you on how to point the camera.

You don't need to be good at holding the smartphone camera. Supersense provides verbal guidance to help you point the camera for the best angle.

3. Automatically figures out which mode you want

You don't need to navigate between menus to scan basic
things like short text, currency, or a barcode. Smart Scanning mode
figures out what you are scanning and automatically switches to the
appropriate mode.

4. Reliable and fast text reading

Supersense is the fastest and most accurate text scanner and reader. It uses proprietary techniques to increase accuracy with even the blurry images.

5. Read images from other applications

You can read images imported from other applications like
Facebook or Whatsapp using Supersense.

6. Cutting-edge experimental technology from latest research

The Supersense team is constantly testing out new, innovative features that have never been tried before. You will get to try and contribute to many experimental features.

A vibrant illustration of a user carrying Supersense and walking on a lively street


With Supersense, you can explore your physical environment and hear about the objects that are around.

Smart Scan

Supersense automatically detects what you are scanning and starts reading it immediately. You can scan and read letters, documents, books, currency, barcodes, and more.

A vibrant illustration of an office environment where the user has access to variety of document types

What do people say about Supersense?

An innovative and extremely useful app with an intuitive guidance system and the ability to read and recognize a myriad of things, including documents and imported photos. The groovy processing music is definitely another plus.

- Precious from the ride
On iOS AppStore

Totally blind dude using this app and it makes me frigging unstoppable. It really works for fully blind people. I love it.

- Gooey Brain
On Google Play Store

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Download Supersense

Supersense is one of the most downloaded and highest rated apps for the blind on both App Store and Google Play. We constantly add new features and and enhance the existing ones. Download and try it for free!

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super lidar logo

Super Lidar

Locate people and
objects around you.

Super Lidar helps the blind and visually impaired users to locate objects and people around them and understand their surrounding layouts.

Super Lidar app is free to use and available only on app store.

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A phone mockup with a screenshot showing Super Lidar seeing an empty corridor detecting it as open space.

Let's Talk!

We’d love to have a conversation. If you are a part of the blind and visually impaired community, you’d like to be part of our mission, or share your ideas and collaborate with us, get in touch with us.

We are based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Fill out the form below to reach us or email us at

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