Computer vision for the blind

Supersense is the smartest and simplest scanner application for the blind and the visually impaired. It is fueled by unique AI technology and a super-accessible user interface.

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A phone mockup with a screenshot showing Supersense capturing a document.

Smart scanner

Automatically detects whether you are trying to quickly read a piece of text, a long document, currency, or product details from a barcode.

scanning a page with supersense app.

Document scanner

Read longer documents with the assistance of smart guidance to find the best scanning angle.
Follow the instructions to capture the text and you can use VoiceOver commands to navigate the text and share it to other apps.

scanning a document with supersense.

Multi-page scanner

Read multiple pages with the assistance of smart guidance on how to point the camera to find the best scanning angle.

multi page scanning with super sense.

Quick read

Instantly reads the text presented in front of the rear camera. This feature can help you read the labels on business cards, grocery products, advertisement pamphlets, book covers, or anything you want to read instantly.

reading a book with super sense quick read feature.

Barcode reader

Scans and stores barcodes and reads the information about the product. If the product is not in the database, Supersense lets you label it and share it with other people.

scanning a barcode with supersense.

Currency reader

Recognizes currencies and reads them out loud.

scanning 1 dollar with the currency reader in super sense.


Scan your physical environment and hear about the objects that are around such as doors,chairs, people and more.

exploring the objects in the room with super sense.

Free Plan

Unlimited access to the following modes:

  • Quick Read
  • Import
  • Read History
  • Magnifier

Premium Plan

Includes all free plan services and unlocks the following modes:

  • Smart Scanner
  • Document
  • Multi Page Scanning
  • Currency
  • Barcode
  • Explore
  • Find

Subscription Plans

Get unlimited access to Supersense Premium features by selecting one of the subscription plans below.







Please note;

  • Prices may vary according to your region. For more information, please visit iOS App Store and Google Play Store.
  • To subscribe, go to the subscription page under the menu in the Supersense app.
Benjamin Vercellone's review on the App Store. Five stars. Excellent Scanning App. I use Supersense almost daily, and I love it! This app has helped me in many ways including finding bus stops when GPS data wasn't just accurate. It has helped me many other ways too. It is easy and enjoyable to communicate with the Supersense team. They seem to listen to suggestions closely.
Baller 38327's review in App Store. 5 stars. 100% recommend. I just tried this out to see if it would read something from my TV and it was able to accomplish this with no problems.
LindaLee678's review in App Store. Five stars. Easy to use. I was using another app to scan cans and boxes when I’m cooking but this app was so much better because no matter where I scan it it starts reading instead of trying to find a barcode. I haven’t tried the other features yet.It is so helpful for cooking that I put it on my first screen so I coul find it easy.
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Download Supersense

Supersense is one of the most downloaded and highest rated apps for the blind on both App Store and Google Play. We constantly add new features and and enhance the existing ones. Download and try it for free!

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