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Super Lidar

Locate people and
objects around you.

Super Lidar helps blind and visually impaired users locate the objects and people around them, as well as understand their surroundings.

Super Lidar app is free to use and available only on app store.

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A phone mockup with a screenshot showing Super Lidar seeing an empty corridor detecting it as open space.

Super Lidar creates a 3D map of your environment to determine the
distance between you and other objects, and also gives sound feedback to help avoid obstacles.

Distance detection

A user is walking towards a seat, and the phone displays the distance
between the user and the chair
super lidar scans an empty corridor.

When Super Lidar encounters an open space, it emits a soft
high-pitched beeping to let you know that there are no obstacles in
your immediate surroundings.

Open space detection

People and Mask Detection

Super Lidar detects people in your area, and will let you know how far
away they are to help maintain social distancing. Super Lidar also checks whether they are wearing any type of face covering.

a man with a mask walking towards the camera.
timthorn's review on the App Store. five stars. Quick and easy to explore what's around you. This is a fantastic app that holds much promise. Right now it does a great job at object detection, and as time goes on, object identification will improve. It does a nice job with identifying people, basic objects, and distances. I was able to use it to navigate around a house and office area with decent accuracy, so it can be useful to use to assist with figuring the layout of new areas in conjunction with orientation and mobility skills. Weaknesses is detecting objects below the waist, inability to detect stairs, and identify common objects like appliances.


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