Payment and Subscriptions

Why does Supersense cost money?

Our parent company, Mediate, performs a lot of research and development to create new and innovative systems with AI, which is a costly process. We have developed products like Super Lidar with funding from user purchases, and it keeps the lights on for future expansion so we can take care of bug reports and new feature requests with the efficiency our users have come to expect.

Can I use Supersense without purchasing a premium package?

Yes, you can use all Basic features which are Quick Read, Import Image or PDF and Read history for free. For more advanced features you will need to purchase a premium package.

How do I subscribe to Supersense?

You can find pricing information and the benefits of a premium package from the Subscription page under the Menu. Currently, Supersense is priced at $4.99 per month, $49.99 per year, or $99.99 for lifetime access, which includes all updates and new features.

Can I access my premium account from other Apple devices?

Once you make a purchase, it is linked to your Apple account and you can access it from other Apple devices connected to your account. When you download Supersense to another device, go to the Subscription page and click on Restore Purchases at the bottom and your premium package will be activated.

When I make a purchase from iOS, can I use it in Android?

No, unfortunately cross platform subscriptions are not available at the moment. The subscriptions are linked to your Apple or Google Play accounts and can only be accessed through the same platform.

How do I unsubscribe from Supersense?

You can unsubscribe from our Supersense by checking your Apple device settings or Google Play store. If you signed up for a free or discounted trial subscription and you don't want to renew it, cancel it at least 24 hours before the trial ends.

Collaboration & Other Benefits

How can I be a part of product development and hear about the upcoming features on the first hand?

We have a Beta group which provides feedback on the upcoming features before public releases. If you are willing to be a part of Supersense’s development please let us know at and we will be in touch with more details. Also you can follow our Facebook, Twitter and website to hear about the latest updates.

Can I get a reimbursement for my purchase from an organization?

Yes,  we are partnering with some state organizations. This program is only available for some states in the US but we are continuously extending it to other locations. If you want to get more details about it please submit a call request from the bottom of the Subscription page.


How can I read text in different languages?

You can read any type of text after selecting the desired language and speech engine under the menu. Currently, Supersense can only read latin based languages in Quick Read mode, but if you would like to read non latin based languages such as Hindi, Russian and more, you can use our document scanner.

When will Supersense be translated to other languages?

Supersense is now only available in English, Spanish, Hindi and Turkish. However, we are working hard on adding more languages based on demand. We also have a volunteer translator program to accelerate the process and reach more users worldwide. If you want us to add a language or interested in translating Supersense to other languages please contact us at

When will you add more currencies?

Currently, Supersense can recognize certain currencies but we will be adding more currencies based on demand and the popularity of the currency. If you want us to add a new currency, please contact us at

Scanning issues

What is the best scanning angle? How can I get more accurate results?

It is recommended that you hold your camera 1 foot or 30 cm away from text, currency or barcodes. If you are using the object explorer, it is recommended to hold your camera vertically at chest level and scan around to hear about the objects in your area.

How can I access my recognition history?

You can access all of the recognized text from a session by selecting the read History option under the app’s features menu. It will be sorted chronologically with time stamps and you will be able to share it to other apps.

Why am I hearing gibberish text?

We are continuously improving our text scanner to provide faster and more accurate results. However, sometimes the app will instantly read what appears on your camera and it might end up with less accurate results. In these cases, it is recommended to hold your camera steady for a few seconds to hear the correct version, or use our document scanner to get more accurate results with the guidance instructions.

When is it useful to scan with Smart Scanner?

Smart Scanner is designed to make the scanning process easier and faster by eliminating the process of selecting a scanning mode from the menu. Supersense will understand what you are trying to scan in this mode and will give you the results accordingly. However, if you prefer to use one of these features more frequently you can always select it under the menu and get detailed instructions.

Can I share/save recognized text?

You can always click on the Export button on the scanning results screen to share the recognized text to other apps or save it as a PDF. Currently, there isn’t any option to save a file inside the app.

Why should I use Supersense over other scanning apps?

When you launch Supersense, the app opens in smart scanning mode. This means that the app can scan short text, documents, barcodes, banknotes, and objects in your area without you hitting a single button. Our document scanner gives simple directions which are easy to follow, and scans documents with the most accuracy. It can also scan every written document in Latin languages. We can scan the text from photos and pdf documents, and if you forget anything that you have scanned, you can use our read history tool. You can also request technical support directly from within Supersense, and our team will give you a call. We're dedicated to connecting with the community, and respond to every bug report and feature request.

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