A Bi-weekly Roundup by Shane Lowe

Shane Lowe
2 minutes read
January 22, 2021

Hello Supersense Readers,

Welcome to my first of many (hopefully) personal blog posts. This post will be about the topics I think worth sharing with you. My hope is that through my bombastic literary skills, I’ll be able to portray at least some of it in an extraordinary way. If I don’t hit extraordinary, I’d  accept humorous and call it a day.

College campus tower by a lakeside covered in snow.
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My week actually hasn’t been particularly humorous so far. For those who don’t know, I’m a college student and I’ve just started my sixth semester, and ironically, as I make progress and see my business administration degree within reach, many of my courses feel increasingly less relevant. It’s almost like I’m distanced from it all like the classes are a distraction from my work here with Supersense.

(I’m making a tangible difference with Supersense and Super Lidar; I’m able to feel the pertinence in every conversation I have and I thoroughly enjoy that. Oh and for Super Lidar, just hang in there, we’ll be releasing it very soon! OK, back to the college.) The courses feel alien and abstract. I love courses like law and economics because I can see how they will influence my interactions and worldview for years to come, but I can’t always see the relevance. I’m typically a very studious person, so I look for purpose in every course I take, so perhaps I just need to search harder.

This semester, however, I am getting tired of struggling with professors who depict accommodations as a burden. Their negligence sets me up for an unnecessarily intensive semester. I refuse to fail, but falling even a week behind in a 400 level course creates anxiety. We have it difficult when it comes to accommodations, but the people I really admire are the athletes. I hate missing a single lecture when I’m sick because I then have to make room in my schedule to watch the recording (if there is one) and catch up before the next lecture. These guys sometimes miss upward of 6 class meetings, and I have no idea how they keep up.

I imagine things will improve during this semester, and I will keep you posted! For now, I’m writing this intermittently between checking the mail and responding to audio messages. It’s my fiancé’s birthday, and we are refusing to let anything bring us down. She doesn’t know it yet, but we’re going out for a romantic dinner tonight, and afterward we’ll come back to a huge virtual party with a lot of our friends.

The pandemic has definitely had an impact on our social lives, but our many long-distance friends have made this time less unnatural than it would have been. We host an NSFW talk show every Sunday, and I am incredibly fortunate to have a group of people with whom I can respectfully disagree on certain issues

I’ll take a deeper look at many of the people in my life later on as stories arise. In the mean time, I truly appreciate your attention. My hope is to be more entertaining in future posts as I come to grips with the semester, and I’m happy to write about anything you want to read. Feel free to post a comment down below or better reach out to us on Twitter. If there’s a particular story or topic you’d like to see later in this series.

Until then, take care!


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