End of the year festivities: A bowl of love!

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December 31, 2020

Do you know cayenne pepper scares off squirrels and with the help of apple cider vinegar, you can get rid of fruit flies forever? These facts are from an email message circulating in the past weeks, which actually consists of some handy tips about the kitchen.  

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The kitchen is an endless source of love, and as you see above, lifehacks. As most of us are in our homes with not much to do apart from checking social media and news, we thought we could spend some time in the kitchen and prepare food for the holidays.

Ordering food is super easy, and you can get what you want in mere minutes, but you can't deny the tranquilizing effects of an hour spent in the kitchen. If you know your way through the kitchen, cooking when you're blind is not tricky. There are blind master chefs who create excellent food that can even beat their sighted peers'. Labeling food containers, putting everything back to its place after using (both tips are totally valid for sighted people as well), buying some speaking kitchen appliances will allow you to prepare fantastic food and take off the intimidation you might feel when you think about how you would survive the kitchen crazies.

If you haven't filled your house with new year's foods, we want to share some quick and delicious recipes of blind cooks and bloggers, which are so easy even the most inexperienced kitchen newbies can cook them!

Holiday cooking should not be fancy. A simple bowl of soup or a basic ginger cake is more than enough to bring you joy and love!

Happy Cooking!

Recipe 1

The Blind Cook's delicious quick and easy Korean mixed rice bibimbap takes 30 minutes to cook, and you'll love how easy and comforting it is.

Recipe 2

More comfort food? Blind Motherhood's lasagna roll-ups will fill you up and make you happy in 1 hour!

Recipe 3

Sweet tooth, anyone? This is the pumpkin season, so don't let any of those orange things to waste. Here is a super easy pumpkin bar recipe from Blind Mom's blog.

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