Interview: Our Co-founder Cagri on Live Accessible YouTube Channel

Supersense Team
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September 8, 2020

Last week our co-founder Cagri was on Live Accessible YouTube channel to speak about the story Supersense app.

With its own words, Live Accessible is a YouTube channel that wants to change society's ideas of what blindness is, what is possible, and to raise awareness that blind people are capable. So, we are very proud and happy to be on Carrie and Pablo's channel. Thanks to these two wonderful people for giving us a space to tell our story, why we do what we do, and get in touch with more people with the help of their channel.

In the interview, Cagri talks about his PhD research on spatial artificial intelligence, our guidance system in document reading mode, our team, how we work together to make Supersense better, how using technology for a good cause is his passion, and what we are planning on to add to Supersense in the near future.

If you'd like to listen to the rest of the interview, learn more about the background of Supersense and the upcoming features, click the video below.

As Cagri says, we learn from our mistakes, and we learn from our users. We value your feedback, and we'd like to hear more from you.

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