Mastering the Perfect Gift with Valentine’s Day Around the Corner

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February 13, 2022
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Valentine’s Day can be perceived as a marketing trick to lead us to buy more and spend more money in this day and age. But that doesn’t have to be perceived that way. Any day is a good day for gift-giving and letting your friends and family know that you think of them. And Valentine’s Day is no different.

However, there can also be a variety of obstacles that give us anxiety toward big days like Valentine’s Day, especially when the date’s getting closer. As we all know, finding the perfect gift is a true challenge that requires a lot of thought to put into. No need to panic, though. There are some proven ways for finding exactly what you need to buy and putting a smile on your loved one’s face.

There are a few concepts to keep in mind while deciding on your gift. It’s always better to focus on usefulness and quality while still having a surprise element. Do you want to give them something they need or a little something to remind yourself? Is it going to be a material gift or just a thoughtful item to deepen your connection with each other? Ask yourself these questions, and they will do a great job of leading you to the desired outcome.

Still no idea? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of a few gift options you can choose from:

Talking Photo Album

A very thoughtful idea could be your very own talking photo album! Use your own voice to add a touch of fun and guarantee a big laugh from your grandmother! If you would like to get better at describing a photo, you can start with colors. Here is what social media influencer Lucy Edwards has to say about describing colors to a blind person:


Smartwatches are undoubtedly considered one of our biggest assistants in daily life. This makes them a great potential gift idea for a blind person. With features like reading your texts out loud and helping with scheduling your calendar by voice commands, they could be a great addition to removing the fuss from daily life.

Board Games

Who doesn’t enjoy a fun board game? Usually, board games appeal to vision-related things like pieces, colors, various visual cues, etc.; however, there are a few board games that are totally accessible. Games like; Monopoly, Uno, and Scrabble, which are loved by many, all have versions that are touch-based and also come in braille.

Liquid Level Indicator

Mornings with a hot cup of tea or coffee indeed prepare you to start your day in a better mood. A liquid level indicator helps you use just the right amount of water or milk for a tasty cup. This device is specially designed for the blind and visually impaired community and allows them to monitor the amount or the level of liquid they pour into their cups or glasses. It works by making a sound or vibrating when the liquid level touches the highest end of the device or when the cup is full/almost full.

Item Tracker

Losing something irritates all of us. That’s where the item trackers come in handy. When placed on an object, item trackers help you track it when you have no idea where it is. By using only your smart device, you can quickly locate your missing item, and this could be a life-saver if you’ve lost something important like a wallet or your keys and are in a hurry.  

Smart Speakers

Giving a smart speaker as a gift can make a great addition to building a smarter home. A smart speaker connects to all your devices and can be entirely personalized. They are easy to use around the house and do tasks like turning on music, setting the alarm for a meeting, or even adding things to your shopping list so that you don’t have to change your dinner plans.

A famous Youtuber, Matt from Blind to Billionaire channel, explains how he uses his smart speaker to utilize it for his home- life. You can grasp the concept behind it by watching his video:

An illustration of a smartphone

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