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January 1, 2021

2020 was an important year for the Supersense family. We launched our first app and our blog. We started our newsletter, reached out to so many great people, and got the chance to interview some of them. And quite recently, we managed to finish the Super Lidar app, which will be on the App Store in the first days of 2021. All and all, we can say it was a good year for us, except of course, for the coronavirus.

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Like the rest of the world, we stayed at home, watching and reading, and most importantly, writing. Since our blog's start, we have published dozens of articles on accessibility issues, best apps in the market, employment issues, and lifehacks. And while we're closing 2020, we gathered our 10 most-read posts of the year. It seems lifehacks got the most attention, and our blind artist interviews are right behind them.

Here are the winners of 2020:

1- How to Find Barcodes on Products

2- Ten Best Apps For the Blind At World and School

3- Full Disclosure: When to Discuss Your Blindness in the Job Search

4- Address Finding Tips for the Blind: Streets and Addresses in the United States

5- Supersense Presents: Question, the Rap Artist

6- Super Lidar: The First Step Forward

7- How to Hear a Wall: Do You Want to Echolocate as Bats Do?

8- The Story of Supersense

9- The Never-Ending Web: How to Network with Friends

10- The Story of Precious Perez: Activism through Music

Thank you for reading!

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