Review: The Blind Life Trying Supersense

Supersense Team
1 minute reading time
August 14, 2020

The Blind Life, an amazing YouTube channel with hundreds of engaging videos on mobile technologies and low vision accessibility, just released a review of the Supersense App. Many thanks to Sam Seavey for trying out our app's features on both platforms.

Here is Sam's thorough 20 min long review of Supersense, both of the Android and iOS versions. In his video, he tries the paid version of the app on iOS and the free version on Android and gives our explore function a try. We loved it when he said “The iOS and Android versions did really really well. Especially the explore option on Android is pretty pretty cool!” Thanks for such positive feedback Sam. We appreciate it! And just a quick note: our explore option is coming to the iOS version as well. Stay tuned!

Don't forget to check Sam's YouTube channel for more tips and tricks on life with visual impairment and extensive reviews of apps for the blind and the people with low vision.


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