September at Supersense: object explorer for iOS, best apps for the blind and how to find barcodes

Emre from Supersense
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September 1, 2020

Dear Friends of Supersense,

The summer in the northern part of the world is coming to an end. The first signs of autumn are already here. No complaints. We are excited to enter a new season. We spent a busy and productive summer this year, and we are ready to share the good news with you.

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A. New features

In the last few months, we supercharged the iOS version of Supersense and added a series of features; plus, we improved the existing ones, such as barcode scanning, currency, and PDF recognition. Overall, we worked to make the supersense app faster and more accurate.

Here are a few significant improvements on the iOS version:

  1. A new Object Explorer mode is added to the features menu! Now you can scan your environment and hear about the objects that are around! This feature can help you to explore unfamiliar environments and find objects that you are searching for.
  2. PDF recognizer is added to the features menu. Now you can import PDF files to recognize the text on it. You can also share PDF files directly from any other app using your iPhone's share tool and selecting Recognize with Supersense.
  3. Euro and British Pound are added to the currency mode. Make sure to select the desired currency under the settings menu!
  4. An audio tutorial is added to provide specific instructions and demonstrations for each scanning mode.
  5. More product information is added to the barcode scanner, and several improvements are made in currency recognizer to provide the fastest and the most accurate results.
  6. An Invite Friends button is added to the menu to share Supersense with friends directly from the app.

A multi-page scanner, PDF recognizer, and more currencies such as Euro and the British pound will also be available in our Android app very soon.

If it has been a while since you checked Supersense, we recommend trying out the new features we recently added. We believe you would like them. Our app's news version is available on Google Play Store for Android and our on App Store for iOS users.

We've been talking to our users for a while to find out what our community wants and what makes them happy. Many of them shared their excitement about how Supersense enabled them to successfully use camera apps for the first time thanks to the guidance it gives the camera holder. Another group of users told us they loved Supersense's simplicity and how it feels different from any other screen reader. Receiving such positive feedback makes us happy and proud.

B. Upcoming features

We are always working towards refining our product and making it accessible to more people. Some of the new features we are working on are as follows:

  1. A new lighting detection system lets the users know if the lighting is sufficient to provide the best results.  
  2. Document mode improvements to detect the edges of a document, which significantly increases the accuracy of reading non-Latin based languages such as Russian, Hindi, and more.
  3. A new multi-page scanning mode to continuously scan multiple documents and access all the recognized text once you are done
  4. A new screen that combines multiple modes allows users to explore their physical environment and find specific objects with additional information such as distance, color, and more.
  5. Barcode guidance with a beeping sound. Now it will be easier to find barcodes on products.
  6. Quick read and document mode improvements to provide faster and more accurate results, which significantly eliminates the gibberish text reading.

C. Other news: Our blog is active now!

As we mentioned in our July Newsletter, we launched our website,, and already started blogging. On our website in the 'Our Blog' section, you can find life hacks for blind people and people with low vision, profiles of very talented and empowered members of the blind community, the latest news from our developer team, and reviews of our users.

We'd love to share some of the top posts published this month. Here is the post about the best apps for the blind at work and school, for those who are looking for some new stuff to try out before the summer ends and work begins. In this article we try to cover the best assistive technology for the workplace and more about this topic will come in the upcoming months. And here is the post about our team member Shane's Supermarket adventure, where he finds out where the exact locations of barcodes on different types of products are. For more stories and updates, don't forget to check our blog.

Our social media accounts are also active now, and you can reach us anytime through our Facebook page, LinkedIn, or Twitter and also check out our latest updates.

And we have one last great news to share with you. The super cool Sam Seavey from The Blind Life YouTube channel reviewed our product. You can watch his extensive review here.

D. Opportunities: Do you want to be a contributor?

We are also looking for contributors from our community to help us translate the app to other Latin languages, write engaging and exciting content for our blog, and people who can help us reach out to new communities. We give annual and lifetime Supersense subscriptions to our contributors. If you are interested, please fill out this form.

If you work for an organization that serves the blind and visually impaired community, let's talk! We would love to partner with you to offer discounted products to your community. You can let us know at

Have a great week!

Emre Sarbak and the rest of the Supersense developer team

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