Supersense turned one. Happy Birthday!

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March 5, 2021

As of today, on March 5, one year has passed since we launched Supersense on iOS. Around this time last year, it has been some time since we introduced Supersense to Android users and gained some experience about what works and what doesn't. And we were finally ready for another launch, this time on iOS. We found our way with trial and error, and of course, with massive amounts of feedback from you, our sincere, kind, and honest users. We are so fortunate that you responded to our questions, shared your experience, and showed us how to take it a step further every time.

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We developed Supersense with a passion. Since 2017, we've been experimenting with artificial intelligence and augmented reality to help people with important tasks, making things easier in any way we can, especially helping to read and find things. Scanning and reading text is something that AI does very well. We wanted to make it accessible for as many people by creating Supersense with no unnecessary buttons or complications that crowd the app's interface and removing the need to carry any other device than your smartphone.

Without including the time spent on the internet, people have to read a few thousand words each day. With an average amount of daily internet surfing, this number increases to a few hundred thousand. Reading is a big part of our days, and providing an accurate transcription of any scanned document, text, and image was, and still is, our biggest priority. We also wanted people to feel safe in their homes and other indoor environments, not worry about finding misplaced belongings or missing the doors or stairs or the sink. Our explore and find modes created a smooth daily life for blind and visually impaired people in mind.

Today, the Supersense Android application reached more than 45 thousand users, and the iOS application reached more than 6 thousand  people worldwide. Our Read feature has been used almost 4 million times, and our smart scanner has been used more than 6.5 million times globally. People are using Supersense to read, scan, explore their environment, and find things they need from utensils to traffic lights. And this makes us very proud.

A month ago, just before the first birthday of Supersense, we launched our second app Super Lidar, something we wanted to do but never thought could be possible in such a short time. As an addition to Supersense's features, Super Lidar was created to help people know the distance between them and the objects in their environment. We also wanted it to detect if there are people around and, more importantly, if they have a mask on, to make sure the environment is safe enough to have a short walk and run daily errands. Despite the ongoing pandemic that caused unexpected changes and made our lives harder, reaching so many people with Supersense and launching Super Lidar became the source of happiness for our Supersense family over the course of the last year.  

As a group of millennials and gen Z-ers, we are fond of abbreviations, we like superhero movies, we raise our voices against injustices and for an accessible world, and we love birthdays. Therefore, today, we wanted to share our birthday and our joy with you. We've come a long way during this past year, and with your support, we are determined to go even further.

If it has been a while since you have checked Supersense, you can visit Google Play Store or iOS App Store to download the latest version. If you’d like to take a look how Super Lidar works, you can download it by clicking here.


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