The Ultimate Gift Guide: Ideas for Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

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November 26, 2020

Another holiday season is here, and all of us are scanning online shopping sites from dusk till dawn in the hope of finding something just right for our parents, children, colleague, or significant others. As if gift-giving is not hard enough, having an immense amount of options is not helping either.

Since we’ve been in the exact same position as you are numerous times before, this year, we did our homework and prepared an excellent compilation of gift ideas for you. If you are looking for something for your loved ones who are blind or visually impaired, you should definitely take a look at our super-cool gift guide. Don’t worry; there are no key finders or color identifiers on the list.

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Graphic Audio Books

These are not one of your everyday audiobooks, my friend! These fully-dramatized audiobooks are - like the website itself says - a movie in your mind. From historical fiction and romance to thrillers and comic books, an extensive collection is available for every book, well movie, lover.

Virtual Concert Tickets

Looking for an original gift idea? Here is one! Virtual concert tickets are a great option, especially for quarantine times. We don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean we should miss all the entertainment. We know; it’s never the same as going to a concert all dressed up and immerse yourself in the music played right before your eyes and sing together with the rest of the crowd. But at least for a couple of months, life-as-we-know-it won’t be coming back. So please jump off the train to dramaville and start checking the schedule for the next concert of your favorite musician. This gift can turn any night into a great date night. Just sayin!

Accessible Air Fryers

Since we’re missing some exercise these days, and the holiday season officially has begun (translation: some massive amount of food is coming our way), no one wants even more extra calories coming from deep frying. Air fryers are getting lots of attention, and it’s for a good reason. They are easy to cook with, you can cook almost anything with them, and most of the time, the result is close to perfect. And those air fryers are getting smarter every day. Get one that is controlled by an app like Proscenic T21 Smart Air Fryer or COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer, and be ready for some delicious stuff! Do you know you can cook pizza in them? Well, now you do!

Accessible Audio Games

The audio games business is booming, and there are some really cool games in the market now. From audio-based slide puzzles to strategy games, there are plenty of alternatives. You can find endless options in,,, and These games are so good, we are almost sure that while you’re shopping for your loved one, you’ll get one or two for yourself too. Don’t worry. We’re not judging!

Color Street Nails

If you’re shopping for someone who is very much into fashion, make sure you include these in the basket. Nail art is still going big, and it’s a perfect quarantine activity. They are great for holiday festivities as well. Color street nails are like nail stickers and insanely easy to apply. Just peel them off the packaging and stick them on your nails. You’ll have some great-looking nails in literally no time!

App Subscriptions

You can always give someone a subscription gift. Supersense can read and store text, has a barcode scanner, a currency reader and an explore and find mode to find objects and explore surroundings. It's a smart and multimodal app that helps blind and low vision people to move more independently. Supersense is available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


2021 is on the corner, and for the planning-enthusiast in your life, these make some great gifts. You can choose one of the organizations listed on the National Library Service website or get one from the Braille Book Store.

And if you look for some magnifiers, writing aids, white canes, or anything that comes to mind to make your loved ones’ life more comfortable, NFB Independence Market has some excellent and useful options.

Cheers and Happy Shopping!

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